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Our Goal is to supply and support cost effective solutions to the electronics, cable and wire industry in the UK and Europe.

Working closely with some of the largest suppliers of cable preparation production equipment, GLW, Ulmer & Tekuwa e.t.c, CST Automation Ltd offer an extensive range of both new and used equipment tailored to suit your budget.

We pride ourselves on ' Customer Service' and our experienced sales & service team are always on hand to give technical support to you the customer.

Please give us a call if you have any second user cable preparation equipment to sell - Schleuniger - GLW - Ulmer - Tekuwa.

CST Automation Ltd are now the Offical UK - GLW Service representatives, if you need any spare parts or a service on your GLW MC25 - GLW LC100 - GLW EC65 - GLWC CS60, or any GLW equipment please Call us and arrange a Service Today..

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ST730 Coax Stripping & Twisting Machine
ST730 Coax Stripping & Twisting Machine
Loepfe S3 Cable Printer
Cable Printer
Crimping Machine
Crimping Machine
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