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GLW EC65 Crimping Machine

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The EC 65 is compact and lightweight, yet rugged enough for the factory floor.

It is well suited for complex cable harness assemblies.


The EC 65 is an ideal device to securely crimp wires and cable terminals such as:    




  • Insulated cable lugs to 6 mm 2 / 10 AWG   
  • Tubular cable lugs, solderless terminals to 10 mm 2 / 8 AWG   
  • Flat tab terminals to 6 mm 2 / 10 AWG   
  • Wire end sleeves to 50 mm 2 / 1 AWG       


The EC 65 can be operated in one of two modes.


Mode 1: controls the entire crimp process by pressing down the pedal switch.   


Mode 2: allows the user to fix the terminal on the cable by activating the foot switch once. To finish the crimping process, he presses down the foot switch once again. Mode 2 is used for more complex terminals.


The onset of compression force can be adjusted for each new terminal to satisfy crimp integrity. That way, damage to dies and terminals can be minimized.    
Simply press a button to select the opening for each die.    
Since some female terminals are more difficult to crimp, a moveable locator can be utilized to ensure proper crimping.    
Various standard dies are available, as well as dies designed to customer specifications.    
Accessories: Locator for crimping female disconnects / Its carrying handle converts the EC 65 into a portable crimping tool. 




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