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Tekuwa-PF-121 Cable Prefeeder

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  • Description
  • Technical Specifications

Increased pulling force (up to 300 N) and thus higher capacity and speed. 

Made for cable drums of a weight of up to 250 kg (depending on the speed)

Mode of working: 

- as independent solution with the installed mobile arm as speed indicator. 
- Via release of regulator coupled to another drive, with adjusted start speed and, or mobile arm operation   


Control Unit: 

Revs regulation with programmable acceleration and brake ramps

Basic Equipment : 

Safety cover safeguarded by sensor 

In connection with a Tekuwa machine such as a cutting machine or a combined cutting and stripping machine the speed can be regulated by the master machine as standard 

Belt Feed: parallel driven belt feed supported by three rollers pneumatic opening and adjustable clamping pressure via pressure regulator with indicator


Interface RS 
Integrated stopping automatic for e.g. cable end

Range of Models: 
PF 121/30:   left-hand run with the direction of run from right-hand to the left-hand side for operating machines such as Komax 33, direction of run of which is from the right-hand to the left-hand side. 
PF 121/50:   The width of feeder opening is maximum 50mm
PF 121/75:   The width of feeder opening is maximum 75mm 
PF 121/95:   The width of feeder opening is maximum 95mm


PHONE/FAX 0161 688 7246

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