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Loepfe Z-284 Cable Printer

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Because of the simultaneous marking of the cable start and cable end, great efficiency is obtained.


The Z-284 is connected to a stripping machine.
The existing interface allows the connection to products of different manufacturers.
One or both printing heads can be used. 
Number of printing wheels
Character height 1,2mm to 2,3mm  2 x 24 Pieces 
Working Range Outer Diameter
Cable diameter minimum 1,0mm
Cable diameter maximum 8,0mm
Selectable signs per printing wheels
Character height 1,2mm bis 2,3mm 28 signs (standard)
Number of marking per foil
30'000 markings
Foil Type
Available in different colours and quality
635 x 280 x 200
380 x 270 x 75
8,5 kg (18.7lbs)
5,5 kg (12.0lbs)

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