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Ulmer ZG200 B2

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Ulmer ZG200 B2

The feeder ZG200 B2 is designed to feed materials such cables, hoses, tapes, flat cable, and the like to cutting and stripping machines, cutters and punching presses.


It is driven by an electronically controlled direct current motor, which is continuously adjustable with two potentiometers.

One potentiometer sets the feed speed and the other is set by a control lever touching the material fed. Additionally the feed speed can be controlled by a contact-free sag control DHS1000.

The material is fed by two synchronized 50 mm wide toothed belts. Both belts are coated with an abrasion-protection. The distance between the aces of the feeder belt wheels is 200 mm.


The throughput height is adjustable between 0 and 30 mm. The feed belt mechanism may either be furnished with adjustable upper belt or parallel adjustment of both belts.


The belt lifting is air-operated is manually operated with a hand wheel and throughput height indicator.


On both feed and output end, the material is feed through nozzles. This prevents operators from being injured by reaching into the machine. The unit conforms to CE regulations.



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