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Schleuniger HC207 Coax Stripping Machine (used)

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The fully programmable HC 207 consists of a portable AC powered controller and
portable stripping unit. It offers reliable stripping of coaxial cable up to 7 mm (0.275”)
in diameter and a stripping length up to 20 mm (0.787”). Due to its lightweight and
ergonomic design, the handheld HC 207 can be used in the field for more efficient
termination of coaxial cables.

The HC 207 offers precise, productive, repeatable results... time after time. This fully
programmable machine allows you to change programs and settings at the touch of a
button, greatly boosting productivity when building harnesses, kits, and other quickchange
wire stripping jobs.

Each stripping step has the flexibility to be optimised in
order to maximize stripping quality and machine performance.

Special Features

Strips 3 stage coaxial cable in 7 seconds
Stores up to 99 different wire programs with up to 9 steps each in memory
Programmable adjustments on each stripping
Easy to use
Precision mechanics and microprocessor control guarantee repeatability

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