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Rometsch P30-50 Stripping Machine (used)

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The Stripper P30 is used in the cable pre-assembling industry when cables are ready for further processes are requested.



The machines work semi-automatic and are suitable for mass production whenever the outer jacket of the cable has to be removed. 


The machines are very compact and easy to use. 



The cable beginning is placed into the stripper till the set end stop is reached. 

Then the foot interrupter is activated. In one step, with help of an installed pneumatic 

system, the outer jacket is cut and stripped of. The stripped cable can be pulled out. 

The stripped off jacket falls through a shaft under the machine into a collection tank. 

It is very easy to change the stripper blade and cable guide tubes for the suitable 

stripping length without any tools. 

Stripping blades, guide tubes and press blocks are not included in the basic 


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